Indaer is  able to offer the full range of services that should be expected of any Airline Technical Department whilst maintaining a low cost and removing the administrative and management burden from our customers. When an aircraft operator uses our services, we provide the skilled staff, the accommodation, administrative resources and management processes leaving the operator free to do what they do best, operate the aircraft.

At Indaer, we are committed to quality, performance & deliverability. Our client service and technical support teams meet industry standards, and have been much appreciated by our clients when it comes to delivering results within given timelines.

In order to provide an improved understanding of Indaer’s full complement of Airworthiness Management services we have broken down our main capabilities into the following sections :

  • Aircraft Asset Management
  • Engine Fleet Management
  • Aircraft Acquisition And Delivery
  • Handback (or Redelivery)
  • Fleet condition analysis
  • Technical department organizational and functional review
  • Start-up airline assistance
  • Regulatory Services
  • Digital Lease Returns
  • Aircraft Records Services
  • Airline Maintenance Audits
  • Aircraft Pre-purchase Inspection Services
  • Aircraft Records Digitization and Scanning Services
  • Records Management
  • Aircraft & Engines Appraisals
  • Aircraft Component Services
  • Onsite Technical Representation
  • Technical Manual Authoring

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