Privacy Policy


Indaer S.A will use personal data that has been gathered during commercial activities to: promote our services and products, events information, surveys, marketing activities, complaints, suggestions and comment management, billing and collection processes, simplify the follow up of the services offered or comply with the applicable laws and regulations  to Colombian business and all activities carried out by the company.


Indaer S.A will inform its customers, web page users, providers, partners and other personnel, about the present privacy and the management of the information in order to comply with the law and guarantee the applicable rights to the owners of the information.


Indaer S.A guarantees that will use the data in accordance to the personal data protection law.


Owners Rights.

Owners of the personal data contained in our database have the right to know, update, correct, delete and revoke the authorization of the use of such information, among the others contained in the applicable laws to this matter, through the communication to Indaer´s responsible of the protection of data to the email: