At Indaer we are always eager to listen our customers, and are aware that each one of them requires a different level of service and specific type of workflow. Flexibility is crucial, and we strive to obtain maximum profitability based on our customer objectives. 

Quality Assurance DEPARTMENT

We work to reach highest excellence in our products and services, ensuring that we meet both the highest quality standards and meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.


Indaer`s Quality Assurance Department,  constantly monitors all aspects related to regulatory requirements generated by the authorities.

With the design and implementation of our quality assurance system of audits, the main objective of our department is to monitor the efficiency of all activities and procedures of both our maintenance facility and the other strategic business units continuously, guaranteeing we meet the accomplishment of our corporate code, regulatory requirements, safety policies and quality standards.


We strive to achieve and maintain the highest security standard. Human error can and will happen, only learning from these errors is that we can improve and prevent incidents and accidents in the future. Being accountable for the system, we analyse the How and Why of the incidents and errors in all of our organization. Thanks to our advanced investigation techniques, including but not limited to the use of tools like Boeing`s Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA); maintenance errors are pinpointed in assertive and effective manner.

Continuous Improvement PLAN

Our action plan is guided to improve four fundamentals aspects:

  • Our Organization (Strategy, processes, resources, ventures).
  • Outside Relationships (Customers, suppliers, third party contractors, Aviation civil authorities).
  • Internal Relationships (Leadership, teamwork, work environment).
  • What we achieve (Results, benefits)

Our plan is focused in the following actions: 

  • Leadership
  • Information and communication management
  • Personnel Management
  • Services
  • Corporate Responsibility


Our Quality Assurance Department constantly seeks the progressive growth of our maintenance organization, with that in mind we are in the process of certifying it with international civil authorities like EASA and LAR`s.

Currently, thanks to our quality standard we are certified by :

Upcoming quality certifications:

  • ISO 9001 (2015)
  • AS9100 (2015)